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The thai culture

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Loy Krathong

Rent a condo and come for Loy Krathong.

Loy Krathong is held on the night of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month when the water level is high. Loy means "float" and Krathong means a kind of container offerings made ??of banana leaves shaped f1eur lotus bloom. The krathong contains usually simple offerings consisting of candles, incense sticks and flowers. Some people are also lock of hair, a piece of fingernail and a few pieces krathong currency. There are many different beliefs related to the festival.

Some believe it is held to honor the Buddha's footprint on the bank of the river Nera˝jara India. some believe it is a way of thanking the goddess of the river and make amends for the damage caused to the river Still others believe that with the krathong away at their misfortune broad by the waves. Young lovers believe that if the krathong, they put in the water with their partner, is carried by the waves without the candle is extinguished by the wind and waves, love also is safe and will last forever.

This tradition started in Sukhothai, but is now celebrated throughout Thailand, Chiang Mai festivities and Ayutthaya being particularly famous. In the north of the kingdom, especially in Chiang Mai, Loy Kratong is a spectacular opportunity to release lanterns carried by cylindrical balloons hot air (sky lanterns). Loy Kratong is one of fun and joyous celebrations of the Thai tradition

The thai culture

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