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The thai culture

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Loy Krathong

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The house of spirits

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Thais believe that each plot is guarded by a spirit called "Phra Phum" or "Land Engineering." Therefore, the Thai custom to provide shelter to the Engineering field, which will remain permanently after building a house or a building on the ground. The shelter is called "The House of the Spirits," It is a small building perched atop a column at eye level.

A house with spirits can be constructed of wood or concrete and style may vary. Although the Thai architectural style standard is generally adopted for these small shrines, one can notice that many of them were created to resemble a Khmer sanctuary miniature stone. A house with spirits can be designed to match the style, theme and landscape of the main building. If the owner of "places want to install a home to the spirits of his property, he must organize a ceremony to erect the sanctuary and invite the guardian spirit to remain there. The ceremony is organized by a Brahmin priest who determines the date favorable for construction, the location and orientation of the sanctuary. There are two general set: The House of the Spirits facing east and it should not be located where it can be shaded by the house or building.

The thai culture

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House of spirits