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The thai culture

The rice

Loy Krathong

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The rice

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Rice is the staple food of the Thai people and the rice has long been at the center of traditional customs and practices national. Traces of Ban Chiang suggest that rice was cultivated in the north-eastern part of Thailand there are more than 5000 years. Rice cultivation has survived until today with some changes.

The experience and performance in the area of rice cultivation allowed Thailand to become the largest exporter of rice in the world. Among the 93 rice varieties grown in the country, jasmine rice is the most popular for both local consumption and for export. Jasmine rice is the name given to a variety of rice that has the color and odor jasmine

About 80% of rice in Thailand are watered by the rains. The rest depends on irrigation by canals. Therefore in most parts of Thailand to the planting begins in May with the onset of the rainy season. Rice plants are ripe and ready for harvest during the dry season begins in December. Techniques of rice cultivation are variables, there are transplanting, sowing, and drilling

The thai culture

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