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The thai culture

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The Garuda

Rent a condo and come for Loy Krathong.

In Thailand, you will often see this symbol. It is a mythical bird, the "Garuda", which is the symbol of His Majesty King Thailand. Here's why it became a royal symbol.

A long time ago, in India, there lived a king with important magical powers who had 13 wives. Two of them were pregnant and, according to legend, they should be required to make a wish before giving birth. The first asked the king to have many children. She gave birth to 1000 eggs. Some time later the eggs hatch and the children of this outbreak turned into 1000 Naga's second wife had a different vision. She did not want to have a numerous progeny, but wanted to have children who have significant power. She gave birth to two eggs After one year, no eggs had hatched.

As she did not understand why she decided to break one. In the egg there was a God gestation who said: "You interrupted my work because of your impatience and curiosity.

The thai culture

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